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Suggestive  Stones  -  Suiseki


The ancient art of searching for, shaping and presentation of beautiful or unusual stones, goes back ages  which over the years were subjected to manifold natural forces, originates in the Far East. It symbolizes man’s reverence for nature, especially for waters and mountains. Under the name suiseki it spread into other parts of the world and due to its suggestibility and possibility to be touched is gaining  increasing numbers of admirers.

Suggestive stones - as works of art created jointly by man and nature are shaped as follows: the found and meticulously selected stones are washed with water and further shaped by rubbing and polishing by hand   over a long period of time. When the appropriate shape is achieved, each stone is placed on a special wooden base made especially for each particular stone, or is set into a shallow bowl  filled with fine subsoil. The value of suggestive stones depends on their rareness and originality of shape and color and time-consuming shaping, mostly by hand, and craftsmanship demands on creating the base.

Suggestive stones appropriately placed in a home, garden or workplace symbolize our close relationship with nature, develop aesthetic sensitivity, facilitate relaxation or meditation and are a nice souvenir from the country of its origin.


Creator: Ján Zágoršek